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Sell Your Real Estate for Cryptocurrency Course

“Sell Your Real Estate for Cryptocurrency” is a course for real estate owners, investors, and brokers that shows them why, how, and when to sell their real estate for cryptocurrency. The course provides a basic overview of what cryptocurrency is and why it is becoming the hottest asset class in investing. It discusses how to structure deals that work for both the real estate owner and the cryptocurrency investor buyer. It provides insight into the challenges of closing crypto-RE deals and how to get around them.

Module 1: Why Cryptocurrency and Real Estate?

Part 1: Investment profiles

Part 2: Why real investors may want to sell for cryptocurrency

Part 3: How real estate and cryptocurrency complement each other

Module 2: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Part 1: What is cryptocurrency / key features

Part 2: History of money and cryptocurrency

Part 3: Using cryptocurrency (exchanges, wallets, values)

Module 3: Types of Cryptocurrency and their Uses

Part 1: Money substitutes and Barter Currencies

Part 2: Security Tokens, Utility Tokens, and Smart Contracts

Part 3: Cryptocurrency Due Diligence

Module 4: Constructing Real Estate Sales as Exchanges

Part 1: Debt / Equity / Control Framework

Part 2: Real Estate Exchange

Module 5: Deal Structuring Using Cryptocurrency

Part 1: Selling Real Estate for Cryptocurrency

Part 2: Using Loans with Cryptocurrency

Part 3: Other Deal Structures

Part 4: Contractual and Tax Considerations

Module 6: Closing a Crypto-RE Deal

Part 1: Working with Third Parties

Part 2: Structuring Closing with Crypto

Module 7: Wrap Up

Part 1: Course Summary

Part 2: What to do next

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What You're Going To Get...

Why Crypto and Real Estate

Intro to Cryptocurrency

Types and Uses of Cryptocurrency

Intro to Real Estate Exchange

Crypto - Real Estate Deal Structures

Closing a Crypto - Real Estate Deal

Creating an Action Plan

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Learn how Cryptocurrency is transforming real estate deal-making



Learn how cryptocurrency is transforming real estate ownership


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